CaseStream Product Features

CaseStream is focused solely on providing better outcomes for the clients in your care. Our web-based software is designed so you can work faster and with less effort than with paper or cumbersome desktop software. The web based CaseStream software delivers all the information you need – and does it with just a click or two anywhere in the world with a web browser.

Learn about some of the features included with CaseStream:

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Cloud Based Secure Access

  • 24/7 access
  • Security settings for case workers, shelter staff, and administrators
  • Updates on cases with email alerts when case notes are updated
  • Easy to use, web browser based interface
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Custom Reporting

  • Generate custom reports quickly and easily
  • Create custom data entry forms to match or improve on paper forms
  • Run and email reports automatically to recipients on a predetermined schedule
  • Receive reports in your inbox without lifting a finger
  • Excel based exports for easy reporting to funders and compliance
  • VOCA reporting with de-duplication
  • SAGE HMIS Reporting (CAPER, ESG)
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software feature image

Crisis Calls / Help Line

  • Caller information/demographics
  • Call notes / log
  • Call duration
  • Search calls
  • Report on calls

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  • User management
  • Organizational documents
  • Customization of programs
  • Customization of services
  • Editable pull-down menu options
  • Powerful reporting to excel
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software feature image

Case Management

  • Family association
  • Support Groups
  • Assailants
  • Goals
  • Measures
  • Case notes
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software feature image


  • Shelter Requests
  • Check in / Check out
  • Total family members
  • Shelter stay history
  • Reporting on shelter stays and total people
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